The QLDSESVA Magazine is the official magazine for the Queensland State Emergency Service volunteers showcasing the work, resources, stories and articles related to the SES.  The magazine is distributed around Queensland and Australia to units and groups for volunteers and members of the public to enjoy.

000 Media Pty Ltd is the official publisher of the QLDSESVA Magazine.

Stormfront, QLDSESVA's previous magazine has ended and work is currently underway for the up and coming new QLDSESVA Magazine.

If you would like to submit any content for the magazine and all advertising enquiries please email media@qldsesva.org.au

Past Publications
QLDSESVA Stormfront November 2018 QLDSESVA Stormfront July 2018 QLDSESVA Stormfront March 2018 QLDSESVA Stormfront November 2017 QLDSESVA Stormfront July 2017