The State Executive Committee (SEC) and Management Team 

The State Executive Committee consists of the following elected positions:

Eddie Cowie - PresidentEddie Cowie ESM

Eddie has been a SES volunteer in Queensland for 30 years this November (joined 1986) and has held many different qualifications and positions including VR and VR Instructor, RCR  and numerous other qualifications and is employed in his current position as the Local Controller for Rockhampton/Livingstone SES Units. Eddie has a passionate drive for continuous improvement of all things SES and has been one of the driving forces in establishing the QLD SES Volunteer Association, so to advocate these improvements. 

In 30 years of QLD SES and employment within QLD Ambulance and Police, many changes have occurred that are for the better, however many more improvements can happen that allow for the betterment of our local communities and the state of Queensland, however this can only occur with the right partnerships. The former vice president of the SESAQ Eddie saw the need to establish the direct link to the National SES Volunteer Association and moving forward with improvements, thus one reason for the change to the ‘Queensland State Emergency Service Volunteer Association’.  ”We need to have a strong team of volunteers within our Association not afraid of the hard work ahead, and committed to challenge what we as SES volunteers know will improve our response for the State of Queensland in the many SES Functions we perform” 

Along this journey we will stay ‘non-political’, and objectively look at the bigger issues concerning QLD SES and across Australia in an attempt at benchmarking what works well in other SES States and Territories while still advocating for what we need now. 

Deni Keeshan
Vice President

Jared Taylor
State Secretary

David Sargent

The Management Committee consists of the following appointed positions:

Paul Kelly ESMPaul Kelly - Secreatry
Strategy and Governance


Paul commenced in the Qld SES in June 1996 and has been an active member of Northern Group in Brisbane since. Paul has held over the last two decades functional team leader roles in all aspects as well as Deputy Group Leader and Group Leader roles. Paul holds specialist qualifications in all fields except RAR and has extensive operational experience. Paul has also represented volunteers on the Volunteer Executive Committee and been a member of ministerial advisory group relating to volunteers under Assistant Minister Ted MALONE and Minister Jack DEMPSEY.

Paul brings to the table substantial experience with incorporated associations and governance of committees. Paul has held the following positions in different organisations:

  • Australian Institute of Emergency Services (Qld Division)
    • Treasurer 
    • Registrar
  • Northern Group SES Social Club Inc.
    • Committee Member
    • Secretary
    • President
  • International Police Association (Australian Section) Inc.
    • Vice President (6 years)
  • International Police Association (Worlds largest friendship organisation with over 400 000 members)
  • International Professional Commission (3 Years)

Professionally Paul is a sworn member of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and is also an active member of the State Disaster Coordination Centre cadre for the QPS.

I see the Queensland SES Volunteer Association as an opportunity to effect positive change for volunteers and to improve communication with volunteers. We have the unique ability to verify information as well as consult with our membership and represent their views without being impacted by internal administrative shortfalls or the chain of command. I urge all Queensland SES members to apply for complimentary membership to the association.

Jared Taylor
Project Officer

Josie Montano
Wellbeing Officer

Jenny Crump
Merchandise Officer

Jason Nye
Policy Officer


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